Carpet Cleaning

Certified Cleaning Specialists

Carpets are notorious for taking quite the beating–everything from food and drink spills, to pets having accidents, and that one rainy day where water and mud were tracked all over your home. Accidents on the carpet and rugs happen to everyone and the wear and tear of everyday foot traffic are an inevitable outcome, which is why Ray’s Carpet Cleaning is here to help.

Our carpet cleaning specialists have been professionally trained by the Bane-Clene® Institute which is recommended by leading carpet makers as the go-to method of cleaning and stain removal.

Replenish and Refresh

Instead of replacing your carpet, bring it back to life with a professional deep cleaning and restoration from Ray’s Carpet Cleaning. We can even do your upholstery at the same time, perfect for upcoming occasions when you will be having visitors over and would like your home to look and smell its best.

The specialists at Ray’s Carpet Cleaning use only the best cleaning agents, techniques, and machines available to the carpet cleaning industry that provide exceptional results every time.

Bane-Clene Machines

By using Bane-Clene®machines, our specialists are able to achieve a fully deep clean of your carpets or rugs in a fraction of the time it would take with a store bought or rental carpet cleaner.

Fast Drying

Plus, our certified Bane-Clene® machines help carpets to dry much faster than traditional methods, allowing you to continue on with your day without needing to wait several hours for the carpet to dry. No area is too large or small for us which is why we offer both commercial and residential carpet cleaning services to the Winona, MN area.

Wear and Tear

Carpets are subject to intense wear and tear from everyday foot traffic, even if you take your shoes off before walking on your carpets. Dirt manages to track everywhere which eventually builds up, causing your carpets to become dingy while trapping odor causing bacteria. Stains generally develop in high foot traffic areas such as doorways and entrances, causing unsightly dark spots and odors.

Give us a call today to discuss your cleaning needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, that's how confident we are that our professionals will be able to remove the stains and built up grime in your carpets and rugs!